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Local SEO in Texas

Internet marketing is serious business—the competition is tough but not impossible with the right tools and resources. 

We're proud of our reputation for doing great work for our clients

We can help your business stand out from its online competition as the trusted option and the authoritative brand. We help you get the right traffic to your site, and we generate more attractive and trustworthy content.



Showcase Your Premises on Google Maps

  • Showcase your location with a Virtual Tour
  • Reduce the amount of people that can't find your location
  • Form an evergreen collaboration with Google Maps


Welcome to TEXAS SEO

We're dedicated to showing you the tools and providing the knowledge that will allow you to compete in this market. Building optimized websites, understanding what Google wants to see, finding opportunities and content creation are some of the subjects covered here.

Competing in the online space has become more demanding and fast-paced

The key to success is finding the right tools to automate your business growth. 


Content Management System

A web site can be used to generate leads automatically.

If done correctly, your website can be a lead generation machine working for you at all times.

The advantages of our websites at a glance:

  • Perfect for mobile devices
  • Search engines will love you
  • Fast and always available
  • Flexible and adaptable

Search Engine Marketing

An all in one solution to get found fast in search, drive more website traffic, increase phone calls, and acquire new customers.

  • Get Found Fast in Local Search
  • Drive More Clicks, Calls, & Customers
  • Review & Brand Management



Reputation Management

The best part of marketing your business online is that anyone can recommend you.

The Internet makes it easy to spread the word about your business and find new customers

Features include:

  • Listing Optimization
  • Reviews Management
  • Social Media Posts
  • Audience Reports



Our branding services will help you setup everything you need to generate more sales and keep your customers happy and returning. 

The advantages of our e-commerce websites at a glance:

  • Product/Order Management
  • Simple Checkout Process
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Tax Calculator



Video Marketing

Video content can help your business grow, it can be used to attract more traffic to your website and increase conversions. Videos can also be put together as a product people pay in order to see. 

Video Marketing features include:

  • Private Video Hosting
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Youtube Ranking Optimization
  • Powerful Reporting Tools



Daniel Garcia

Marketing Consultant and founder of LocalBizTEXAS.com. Get in touch with him at zqqvoKeroo6Coa2vooyntJqLlo+d4K2how@nospam or call (915)667-3280

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